Cleaning for COVID-19 – Importing Cleaning Products: Who Regulates You?

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are in full enforcement mode carefully monitoring novel products claiming to treat, mitigate, or “kill” COVID-19. Compliance advisories issued at the beginning of the pandemic are now being replaced with enforcement advisories. Manufacturers, importers, distributors, and others engaged in the production or sale of products claiming to mitigate or “kill” COVID-19 should be more cautious than ever when developing product claims for both product labels and marketing material or alternatively, confirm products comply with the numerous regulations governing COVID-19 cleaning products.


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Federal Government Shutdown ENDS

Last night Congress voted to end the first federal government shutdown in seventeen years and avert a default on U.S. debt. The deal provides government funding through Jan. 15, 2014, at almost the same rate as in FY-2013 after automatic spending cuts. The debt limit would be extended through Feb. 7, 2014, if requested by President Obama.

Impact of Government Shutdown

The impact of the federal government shutdown, which began October 1, 2013, will be deeply felt by importers and exporters alike. Most government services deemed "essential" by the federal agencies will continue, but "non-essential" services will be discontinued until funding is restored. What does this mean for export licenses and the online version of the HTS?

Export Regulations and Cloud Computing…Beware!

Forrester Research predicts that the global market for cloud computing services will have increased from $40.7 billion dollars in 2011 to approximately $241 billion dollars by 2020. Do you have an export compliance plan in place that includes cloud computing?

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Customs Broker License Denial for Poor Credit History

Hundreds of people apply every year to become a customs broker. Customs brokers are licensed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The process requires passing a rigorous multiple choice examination, and then passing a background investigation. For many applicants who successfully pass the examination, they are denied a license because the background investigation revealed a poor credit history and rating. Don't give up hope.

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