Why Your Freight Forwarder MUST Segregate Hazardous Materials

It’s important to understand why freight forwarders take certain steps prior to shipping your goods. We previously discussed why it’s important to complete a Shipper’s Letter of Instruction. Now we are addressing why your Freight Forwarder segregates your hazardous materials, even if you request otherwise. The fines for non-compliance are severe. 49 CFR 107.329 provides for the maximum civil penalty amounts. Violators that knowingly violate hazardous material transportation laws and regulations may face no more than a $78,376.00 penalty for each violation, but if the violation results in death, serious illness, severe injury to any person, or substantial destruction of property the maximum civil penalty is $182,877.00. There is no minimum civil penalty, except for a minimum civil penalty of $471 for violations relating to training. When the violation is a continuing one, each day of the violation constitutes a separate offense. […]

FDA’s Busy Implementing FSMA – Significant New Food Safety Rules are Coming

Do you manufacture, process, pack or hold human food? If so, you need to keep up with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The FDA has proposed a new rule issued under the FSMA that is part of a broader effort to prevent food borne illness and ensure the safety of imported and domestically produced foods. Here's a recap of the proposed rule and your chance to comment to the FDA. You have until May 16, 2013 to submit your comments to the FDA on the proposed rule.

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