A petition was filed on April 23, 2024 that alleges alkyl phosphate esters from China are being sold at less than fair value and benefiting from countervailing subsidies. The petition was filed by ICL-IP America, Inc., a subsidiary of the ICL Group (“ICL”). Alleged dumping margins range from 45.1% to 68.4%.

Full list of producers here. Full list of U.S. importers here.

The scope of petition covers alkyl phosphate esters based exclusively on side chains with a length of two or three carbon atoms and a phosphorus content of at least 6.5 percent (per weight) and a viscosity between 1 and 2000 mPa.s (at 20-25 °C).  Full scope here.

The Commerce Department will determine whether to initiate the investigations within 20 days. The USITC will reach a preliminary determination of material injury or threat of material injury within 45 days.

As with any proceeding, participation is very important to protect your rights. We urge anyone that imports alkyl phosphate esters to pay close attention to this case and to ensure that all appropriate steps are taken to mitigate any damage.

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