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Here is a recap of the latest customs and international trade law news:


Upcoming Webinar: Basics of U.S. Tariff Classification (HTSUS)

Did you know the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the U.S. (HTSUS) can be difficult to navigate, and importers often either don’t even know what HTSUS is, or strictly rely on customs brokers for this number, not realizing it is an importers responsibility and liability should be HTSUS be incorrect. Now, especially, with 301 duties in place, ensuring you have the right HTSUS is more important than ever.

Ensure you’re informed and updated on classification and binding rulings and register for Diaz Trade Law’s webinar Basics on Tariff Classification taking place on May 12, 2022. This one-hour webinar will provide insights into the importance of CBP Rulings for classification and binding rulings in ensuring compliance when importing into the United States. The presenter will provide an overview of the process of how to receive a final classification and binding ruling from CBP as well as TOP tips on when it may be advantageous to do so.

Register today to hear directly from DTL’s president, Jennifer Diaz as she teaches attendees about the fundamental in ensuring compliance when it comes to classification along with the new HTSUS changes in 2022.


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CBP’s NEW Prior Disclosure Requirements

Diaz Trade Law’s President, Jennifer Diaz, and Associate Attorney, Sharath Patil, are enthusiastic to announce that our article, “New CBP Prior Disclosure Requirements” was published by the Customs and International Trade Bar Association (CITBA) in its Spring 2022 newsletter.

Our article focuses on how to successfully submit a prior disclosure (PD) to Customs and Border Protection, along with details known of CBP’s new timing requirements, which have not been circulated publicly. CBP’s new deadlines place a burden on importers that must be considered PRIOR to filing a PD.

You can read the article here (where you’ll have the ability to access all of the great hyperlinks). Please note you cannot click on the hyperlinks below.

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Below is the article for your reading pleasure.


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Successor Liability & Export Control Liability

All too often we hear of companies that do not consider U.S. export controls and trade sanctions in their due diligence checklists when going through an acquisition or merger. When taking over a non-compliant business, the buyer may be responsible for any violations that took place before the acquisition, even if the non-compliant actions were NOT unidentified at the time of the acquisition. In this blog we’ll address export regulations, successor liability, a case study, and practitioner tips on what you should be doing PRIOR to acquiring or merging!


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