Did you know when women’s economic engagement increases, productivity and prosperity also rise? In addition, empirical studies show that raising women’s income is strongly associated with investment in nutrition, health, and education.  Ensure you’re informed and updated on trends affecting global trade and register for Diaz Trade Law’s first 2022 webinar Gender and Trade taking place on March 10, 2022. This one-hour webinar will provide insights into the role gender can play in increasing trade and prosperity.

Register today to hear directly from DTL’s president, Jennifer Diaz and International Development Advisor, Linda Schmid as they teach attendees about how women fit into the picture of trade and what nations and customs and border agencies can do to level the playing field.

Why Should I Register for this Webinar?

Disposable incomes may expand or contract as the cost and quality of consumer goods change. For example, the cost of gas, food, and clothing restricts the household budget and expenditures on education, nutrition, housing, and business development. High tariffs, investment restrictions, and opaque regulatory environments can raise the cost of imports of goods and services and diminish disposable income for women. This in turn can limit funds available for entrepreneurship and business development.

To the further discuss the above implications, Diaz Trade Law is hosting our first 2022 webinar “Gender and Trade” to train industry on the importance of considering how gender affects trade and vice versa while looking into ways to improve current conditions for women and the inequality.

In this webinar, you will learn why we should consider trade through the lens of gender, how women fit into the picture in general, what impact women’s disposable income has on trade, how nations can and have improved conditions for women in the global marketplace, and how customs and border management practices affect women traders.

Anyone interested in gender and trade is encouraged to attend either live on March 10, 2022 at 12:00 PM, or on demand thereafter. Register HERE!