Diaz Trade Law is excited to announce that three of its attorneys participated in a three-part podcast mini-series on Customs and International Trade law.  The podcast is titled “The View from Jamestown” and hosted by Ben Sawicki of The Chemical Company. This special three-part podcast mini-series featured an in-depth introduction to importing, exporting, and anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations (AD/CVD), along with helpful insights on best practices for your business. The three podcasts are great for both beginners and advanced levels. We would love to hear your feedback once you’ve watched!

Watch Now! 

The three part series is comprised of:

  1. Episode One “Importing 101” featured Jen Diaz, Founder and President of Diaz Trade Law, and host, Ben Sawicki, discussing the legal aspects of importing goods into the United States (that unfortunately, many only think of after they are in trouble).
  2. Episode Two “Exporting 101” featured Diaz Trade Law President Jen Diaz, Associate Attorney Sharath Patil, and host Ben Sawicki discussing all things relating to export controls and export compliance.
  3. Episode Three “Duties, Anti-Dumping, and More!” featured Diaz Trade Law President Jen Diaz, AD/CVD Of Counsel Attorney David Craven, and host Ben Sawicki discussing all things relating to best practices relating to AD/CVD.

Importers, Exporters Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders, legal and compliance related professionals, and all others interested in import and export compliance are encouraged to watch. Learn about trade and customs best practices to avoid costly government enforcement, and a discussion of both significant potential civil and even criminal liability. The best practices are not to be missed.  

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